1. Casually surfing tumblr on my laptop during class. Str8 rebel right here.


  4. I love my little tablet

  5. New hair!


  6. 2/4

    (Part 2!)

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  7. 2/4

    (This is part one of two in this weird hiking plot I had to write for my class. I kind of liked it. I dunno I rushed both of these lol.)

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  8. 2/4

    (I did this for creative writing homework, I had to do it in 1st and 3rd person, but I like the 1st person better.)

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  9. 1/29

    Too tired to do homework, so I’m sitting here waiting for Joe’s class to get out so I can drag him to Starbucks with me. I bombed my first bio quiz, which I’m only slightly disappointed at. Unless I read the slides, I have no idea what my teacher is trying to say. He has a really strong accent that’s hard to understand.

    Here’s Joe. Coffee.


  10. 1/28

    (Damn sorry, I just started school and I’ve been hella busy and kind of overwhelmed. Anyways, I took a creative writing course and so far I love it. My teacher gives hella cool prompts to use, and he had us create characters. This is a “sketch” of my homeskillet Rowan. She’s a G. Kidding, she’s boring but I like her that way. So yeah, writing. I’m beginning so I’m just gonna go balls out and post my writing on the internet.)

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